The story of Artpeckers has started at a small workshop in Thessaloniki in 2015. From the very beginning, our intention was to design and create unique accessories with a certain character; accessories that could deliver and tell a story. In a short while our interest was focused on objects inspired by Greek culture and mythology. Geometrical forms and patterns are applied on fabrics, wood and silver for bags and jewels. Trying to preserve our main intention, we give all our best from the birth of an idea till the final image of the products, by setting up a concept through lens.

Our philosophy is to maintain and spread Greek culture and mythology stories all over the world through design. But, not only the identity of inspiration is Greek; all the production begins and ends in Artpeckers’ -or our collaborators’ – workshops in Thessaloniki while we cooperate with suppliers producers established in Greece.

Our eagerness motivates us to keep on creating and experimenting on new materials. Based on new ideas we continuously develop our collections so to spread stories from Greece all over the world!

It’s time to .. #sharethegreekmyth